The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (2023)

Did you know that they sing?best tire shineNot only make your tires look great, but also protect them from environmental damage and extend their lifespan?

Once you're done with your regular car wash, waxing, glass conditioning, and other details, there's only one thing left. Even professional detailers sometimes overlook the tires and that makes the car look incomplete because a piece of the puzzle is missing. If you feel like itGive your car a complete makeover, don't forget your tires. To help you make the right choice, we are honesttire shine ratings, along with comprehensive purchasing advice. Let's jump right in!

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Should You Use Tire Gloss?

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (1)Everyone loves a good job of detailing. But between washing, polishing, sealing and everything in between, tire care is sometimes neglected. This is completely wrong - since tires are an integral part of the vehicle, neglected tires can ruin the overall appearance of the car, no matter how good the wax job is.

However, the purpose of tire shine, or tire dressing as it is often called, is not just to make your tires look fantastic. Tire shine is an important part of regular tire maintenance and many products on the market today can help your tires withstand the adverse effects of the weather. If you've decided to let your tires pass the 5-year mark without paying attention to the part, making good tire care choices should become part of your regular routine.

Of course, the market is overflowing with various options. You can take almost any of the products and make your tires look shiny. But not all of them can really help you keep your tires conditioned, preserved and looking great. In fact, some of the inferior products can even damage the material in your tires, causing them to age and deteriorate faster. Choosing the right product is crucial, especially when it comes to tire care.

Benefits of Tire Shine

As you can see, tire shine is an important part of your regular car care routine. But what exactly does it do for your car? Let's go through the benefits that regular tire shine treatments bring.

1. Makes (and keeps) tires shiny

The name says it all - tire shine makes your tires shine. Nothing beats that sweet, glossy finish that will enhance the look of your entire car. But if you're not a fan of the super shiny look, don't worry because there are great options for you too. Whether you prefer a matte finish, just a little shine, or the wet glossy look, many options can give you your preferred result. Whichever you choose, Tire Gloss will help seal in the clean look and feel of your tires.

However, the results are not only visible immediately after the treatment. As you can see in oursCar paint sealant reviewsyou can be sure that the tire shine will keep your tires looking fresher for longer. Usually higher quality products repel water and dust and help your tires keep their great looks. However, you'll immediately know you've picked a bad product if it appears to attract dust, or worse, if it feels sticky and overly oily to the touch. A quality tire shine will be dry to the touch after the initial curing period.

2. Prevent flowering

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (2)Blooming is a natural process that occurs over the life of any tire. When your tires are starting to turn brown and lose their initial jet black color, the blooming process has begun. Don't worry - this is completely natural and won't make your tires unsafe, but it is a sure sign that your tires are aging and reacting to the environment. Essentially, the browning is caused by an organic ingredient called an antiozonant reacting with the ozone in the air around the tire.

Thorough cleaning and applying tire dressing is the only way to get rid of existing blooms and slow future blooms. This process cannot be stopped completely, but it can be delayed. Tire brighteners, also known as tire dressings or even tire rejuvenators, are designed to lubricate the tire's rubber and make it last longer. They also add a protective layer to the material of the tires and help you prevent the blooming process.

3. Prevent sidewall deterioration

Blooming isn't the only form of tire rubber that degrades over time. The sun's ultraviolet rays are another culprit, along with ozone, that damages rubber. All plastics and rubbers naturally lose their flexibility when exposed to sunlight and become brittle, crack and fade. This process is called UV degradation and is why your dashboard can lose color and durability if you don't use oneWindshield sunshadein summer.

The most common type of UV protection incorporated into the rubber structure is carbon black. This component is why tires aren't made in the colors of the rainbow, despite the potential viability of the idea. The black pigment is simply necessary for tires to remain stable and safe in use even after prolonged exposure to the sun. But even this UV stabilizer is only a sacrificial component and will be consumed over time. This is the reason why the color of the tires lightens with age. Also, something called dry rot occurs and the sidewalls of your tires become stained, dry and begin to crack.

Most tire polishes on the market today contain a UV blocking component. You can effectively extend the life of your tires by many years if you use Tire Shine regularly. Thanks to the additional UV protection of these products, your tires remain flexible, resilient and deep black for longer.

Best tire shine comparison chart

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (3)

TriNova No-Wipe Tire Shine Spray 18 oz

  • Preis:$$$
  • Customer rating:4.7
  • Volume:18 fl. oz.
  • Typ:On a water basis
  • Application:spray bottle
View on Amazon
The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (4)

Armor All Extreme tire shine gel

  • Preis:$
  • Customer rating:4.4
  • Volume:18 fl. oz.
  • Typ:On a water basis
  • Application:Gel
View on Amazon
The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (5)

303 Items 30382 UV Protectant 16 Oz

  • Preis:$$
  • Customer rating:4.5
  • Volume:16 fl. oz.
  • Typ:On a water basis
  • Application:spray bottle
View on Amazon
The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (6)

Chemical Guys TVD_109_16 Silk Shine Sprayable Dressing

  • Preis:$
  • Customer rating:4.5
  • Volume:16 fl. oz.
  • Typ:On a water basis
  • Application:spray bottle
View on Amazon
The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (7)

Adam's Polishes Tire Shine 16oz

  • Preis:$$
  • Customer rating:4.5
  • Volume:16 fl. oz.
  • Typ:solvent based
  • Application:spray bottle
View on Amazon
The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (8)

Aero Cosmetics Tire Treatment & Protectant 16 oz

  • Preis:$$
  • Customer rating:4.7
  • Volume:16 fl. oz.
  • Typ:On a water basis
  • Application:spray bottle
View on Amazon
The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (9)

Car Guys Reifenglanzspray (18 Oz)

  • Preis:$$$
  • Customer rating:4.7
  • Volume:18 fl. oz.
  • Typ:On a water basis
  • Application:spray bottle
View on Amazon

Best tire shine ratings

1. TriNova Reifenglanzspray No Wipe 18 Oz

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (10)Trinova is a popular manufacturer of high-end car accessories. They are known for their high quality products and the Trinova tire shine is no exception. This product is designed to restore the deep black color to your tires along with an adjustable gloss level. Depending on how long you leave the product on your tire after applying it, you can achieve a different shine. Leaving the product on for just a few minutes before wiping away will give you a jet black but matte finish. However, if you let them air dry completely without wiping, you will get an excellent shine. This water-based formula not only gives your tires a shine, but also intensively cares for them. The effect is very long lasting and you can see the results even after 2 weeks. The formula is also quite resistant to car washes and rainwater. In addition to the shine, this product also gives your tires sufficient protection against the weather. It repels water and keeps ozone out of the air, extending the life of your tires. However, this product does not provide additional UV protection. Application is easy with the trigger spray bottle. When you're done detailing your tires, make sure you rinse off your driveway - the product can stain concrete as it dries.


  • Very durable - the result lasts up to 2 weeks
  • Adjustable gloss level


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  • It may stain concrete, so rinse off after use

2. Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (11)Our next pick is from a company with the iconic Viking logo - Armor All. Although this company got a bad rap a few decades ago for making products with the bad types of silicone, modern Armor All products are completely water-based and won't harm your vehicle in the slightest. Our choice, their extreme tire shine gel, is no exception. This water-based product is among the cheapest we've found, but its results are comparable to many more expensive products. As a gel tire shine, Armor All is packaged in a squeeze bottle. Along with the bottle you get a small foam applicator pad that is useful but not very durable. The gel itself is advertised as having extreme shine, which may be true compared to other Armor All products. However, compared to other brands, the shine is rather average. It leaves a nice wet look. The product contains high-molecular silicones that restore the black color to your tires and make them look like new. Although this shine does not withstand a soapy car wash, it does last for a very long time despite the weather. In fact, you can get good shine and adequate protection with one application for almost two weeks.


  • The gel product is easy to apply cleanly and evenly
  • One of the most durable tires shines


  • Without UV protection

3. 303 Products 30382 UV Protectant 16 oz

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (12)Our next choice is 303. Originally developed for the aerospace industry, this protectant offers strong protection for any vinyl, rubber, plastic or finished leather surface. With such a wide scope, you can use this on almost any surface on your car. The main focus of the formula of this product is protection. It leaves a nice looking finish, but it definitely doesn't make your plastics look shiny and super shiny like some specialized tire polishes do. While the company calls the finish matte, it's still a bit glossy. The main focus of the formula is UV protection. Offering unmatched protection from the sun's harmful rays, the 303 protects your tires and other plastics from drying out, cracking and fading. This is especially important if you live in very sunny areas. This product is packaged in a spray bottle for easy application, but you can apply to a rag or sponge first if you prefer more control and even distribution. The product leaves a dry finish and does not feel oily or greasy. As a result, it does not attract dust or dirt, so your tires stay cleaner for longer. It's fairly durable, so you should reapply it after a couple of weeks or after every car wash. This product is made in the USA.


  • Strong UV protection
  • Can be used on any plastic, vinyl and rubber


  • It's not particularly shiny

4. Chemical Guys TVD_109_16 Silk Shine Sprayable Dressing

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (13)Chemical Guys are definitely the place to go if you're looking for affordable branded products. Any car owner will find that their Silk Shine Dressing is a great multipurpose product to have on hand. This product is designed for any plastic, vinyl or rubber part. It works both inside and outside of your car. However, we've found that it works best as a tire conditioner and only performs so-so when it comes to trim, the dashboard, and other components. This trigger spray product brings good UV protection to the table. This water-based tire shine does not leave an aggressive, oily shine. Instead, it gives your tires a natural, silky sheen that looks great on any car. It's also dry to the touch so it doesn't attract dirt and dust. The bad side of this product is that it doesn't resist water very well. As a result, you can get water streaks on your exterior hard plastics after rain. However, this does not happen with tyres, even if the shine is greatly reduced after a rainy day. With this in mind, and the UV protectants in the product, we recommend Chemical Guys Silk Shine Dressing to anyone who lives in sunny, dry areas. You can get a 16 fl. oz. Bottle or full gallon of product.


  • Contains UV protectants
  • Leaves a soft, silky shine


  • Can't stand up to rain that well

5. Adam’s Polishes Tire Shine 16 Unzen

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (14)If you want to give your tires an extra shine, we recommend Adam's Polishes Tire Shine. This product will give your tires the shimmering shine you've been looking for. Unlike other high gloss products, Adam's Tire Shine doesn't smack onto your rims and car paint. The solvent base of this product is designed for maximum shine but will not damage your tires over the long term. This product does not provide you with a protective layer. So if you are looking for a solution that will protect your tires from the effects of UV rays and ozone, this is not a good choice. However, the shine you can achieve with this product is superb. You can expect around a week of premium shine from each use, with results wearing off over time. Adam's Tire Shine not only makes your tires look great, but also makes them smell delicious. While this may not seem important, you want to feel joy while you work on the detailing of your vehicle, and the banana scent of this product definitely helps make the job an enjoyable one. Finally, this product is made in the USA.


  • Very shiny finish
  • Delicious banana scent


  • Provides no UV or ozone protection


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6. Aero Cosmetics Tire Care & Protectant 16 oz

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (15)Aero Cosmetics makes our next pick. As the company's name suggests, their products are formulated for use on airplanes, but the company mentions that you can use it on any car or RV tire as well. If you're looking for a subtle, beautiful, silky finish that's not too shiny or oily, we recommend this product. The formula leaves a dark black, satin-like appearance that is not aggressively shiny or oily, but very subtle but looks nicer than new tires. Not only is the shine subtle, but the product itself doesn't feel greasy or oily at all. Because of this, it's also very good at repelling dirt, dust, and grime from your tires. This water-based tire shine has a very long-lasting effect. If you don't use strong car wash liquids, you can even go longer than a month without reapplying. But this product doesn't just make your tires look beautiful - it gives them a deep treatment. The conditioning effect of this tire dressing is that it restores the flexibility of the rubber material and provides additional protection to protect your tires from the damaging elements of the environment. You can get this great value product in 16 and 31 ounce trigger spray bottles or a 64 ounce bottle with a cap.


  • Very long lasting results
  • Comes in many bottle sizes


  • Has no glossy surface

7. Car Guys Tire Shine Spray (18 ounces)

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (16)You've probably heard of Car Guys - they're a popular manufacturer of car accessories. They make our next pick, which is a pretty sleek looking tire shine spray. First of all you might want to get this product especially if you are a beginner in detailing your tires as it comes with a pretty good quality applicator. The oval, black applicator is made of microfiber and has a thick mesh backing with a wrist strap. This makes the pad very easy to use but also very convenient for various polishing needs. This applicator allows you to control how much shine you get from this product as it allows you to polish and buff your tires to a greater or lesser extent. However, this product can only give you a medium shine as the formula was not intended for the intensely shiny wet look that some tire shines have. Instead, you'll get a subtle and soft-looking shine with this product. The formula does not attract dirt and dust as it is dry to the touch. It doesn't skid or leave an oily residue after you're done detailing. It's pretty easy to use as it's packaged in a trigger spray bottle. The water-based formula is also enriched with UV protectants, so you don't have to worry about premature aging of your tires.


  • Adjustable shine intensity
  • Comes with a high quality applicator


  • Does not have a very glossy finish

Types of tire shine

If this is your first time looking for tire shine, you might be surprised at how many options there are on the market these days. There are many types and each product claims to be better than the others. But there are a few things you should know about this type of auto fluid to really make the best choice. Here we've categorized tire shine based on two criteria: its chemical formula and the way you apply it to your tires.

1. The chemical formula

The most important difference between the chemical composition of the products available on the market today lies in the carrier of the solution. We distinguish between water-based products and those based on solvents, especially hydrocarbon silicone. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages, so every user will prefer one over the other. Let's take a look at the differences between the two types.

1.1. water based

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (17)Tire shine is made from a combination of synthetic polymers and natural oils mixed together to form a water base, and they're pretty popular these days for a variety of reasons. First of all, this is the eco-friendly option among tire cleaning products, and it's perfectly safe to run the liquid through your yard and down the drain.

The water based chemical formulas are generally milder and since they are not as abrasive they will not damage the surface of your tires at all. However, you make a small compromise when it comes to the intensity of the shine of your tires and also the durability of the effect. Don't get us wrong - water-based tire polishes can make your tires look stunning. However, you'll need to reapply the product every few days or so if you're looking for a lasting shine.

In most cases, water-based products contain UV protectants that are perfect for keeping your tires from cracking, hardening and fading. Similar toAutowachse, Water-based tire polishes are designed to be protective in addition to their aesthetic appeal. So they're a good choice if your main goal is to condition your tires and keep them in top shape for longer.

1.2. solvent based

Solvent-based tire polish's glossy liquid is preferred by people who love long-lasting results.

The basic ingredient of this type of tire polish is silicone. But let's address something right away - silicone has not and has never caused sidewall degradation. It's an urban myth. However, you should avoid products that contain petroleum distillates. This harder, solvent-based tire is shiny and can chafe the tires' rubber. When overused, your tires can be vulnerable to environmental factors, primarily the ozone in the air and the sun's UV rays, which in turn activate the process of sidewall deterioration. Therefore, silicone-based products are completely safe unless they contain petroleum distillates.

Solvent based tire shine is exceptionally good at giving your tires that rich, very shiny look. In general, these rarely have matte versions and are usually best for making your tires glossy for high visual impact. In addition, solvent-based products last much longer than their water-based counterparts. Some can even go through multiple car washes without the need for reapplication.

2. Application Type

We can also distinguish the types of tire shine according to the method of their application. We mainly separate them into gel and spray liquid types.

2.1. Gel

Gel based tire polishes are generally supplied packaged in squeeze bottles. For this reason you must use an applicator pad and apply the product to the tire by hand. This can be a lot of work, but this type of application has advantages. First, it's virtually impossible to apply too much, as is accidentally soiling your car's finish with the product. In addition, you polish the product into the tires during use, which makes your tires even shinier and cleaner. Finally, this type of product is generally cheaper than the spray bottle. If you're willing to commit to regular use, you can get amazing looking tires for less.

2.2. spray bottle and aerosol

Spray bottle tire shine is much easier to use than gel type. That's mostly because the application requires nothing more than simply spraying the product on, waiting for it to settle, and sometimes removing some excess. However, you should be careful when using tire shine spray as you can get some product on your car's paintwork which can be difficult to clean.

The difference between aerosol and non-pressurized spray bottles is pretty much the same for Tire Shine as it is for any other product. Aerosol bottles have a longer shelf life and more even spray compared to trigger spray bottles, but you need to be careful how you store them. Keep aerosol bottles away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

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Tire Shine buying guide

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (18)Aside from choosing the ideal tire type, there are a few additional factors to consider when making your tire shine. Let's go through some of the most important factors to look out for before making a final choice.

1. Shine

Even though the name of the product is "Tire Gloss", that doesn't mean you will end up with high gloss tires. If you don't like that kind of look, you can go the other way and get a matte tire shine that's just as functional and protective as the glossy ones. How shiny you go is purely down to your own preference. However, you must pay attention to the product descriptions.

Unfortunately, there is no universal way manufacturers label their product's shine. In most cases you will have to rely on the verbal description of the shine. On the market you will find high gloss "wet look" products, "new" look products with natural, medium gloss and matte, non-shiny finishes. It's entirely up to you what you prefer.

2. UV protection

As with most rubbers and polymers, the sun's UV rays can easily damage the material. Tire manufacturers know this and use sacrificial layers of carbon to protect the tire. However, this protection only lasts to a limited extent, as this sacrificial layer wears out and eventually disappears completely. When this happens, your tire is no longer safe to dry as it quickly loses all flexibility and even the tiniest cracks can cause air leaks.

Tire shine plays a big part in keeping your tires healthy for longer. Look for products that offer UV protection and you will add years to the life of your tires.

3. Chemical components

When it comes to tire shine, it's difficult to find an ideal product. Among the two main chemical compositions of tire gloss, both have great advantages, but also disadvantages. However, there is no middle ground, so you must choose one. Because of this, you need to figure out your priorities and make compromises accordingly. Let's get an overview:

  • Ecology: Water-based shine is more environmentally friendly.
  • Gentle on tires: Water-based shine is mild. Avoid solvent based products with petroleum distillates as they can make tires very abrasive.
  • Gloss: Solvent-based products often have a more intense gloss.
  • Durability: Solvent-based products are much more durable, while water-based products require frequent reapplication.

How do I apply tire shine correctly?

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (19)Applying tire shine is quite easy and doesn't require much detail experience. Pretty much anyone can make their own in under 20 minutes, especially if you've opted for a spray-bottle product. Let's go through everything you need to do to have awesome looking tires.

1. Equipment

To wash your tires you will need:

  • A hard bristle brush
  • A pressure washer or a garden hose
  • A mixture of 1 gallon water and 1 tablespoon dish soap orAutowaschseife
  • A clean, absorbent cloth or towel

To apply tire shine you will need:

  • Product
  • A clean cloth

If you've decided on a gel product that comes packaged in a squeeze bottle, you need one too

  • applicator pad (you can use a kitchen sponge)

If you have decided on a solvent-based product, you will need

  • A pair of latex gloves

2. Prepare your tires

The first thing you need to do before you can start making your tires look amazing is give them a thorough cleaning.

To do this, you should first prepare a bucket of soap. Get a liter bucket, pour over a tablespoon of dish soap or any car wash soap and fill it with clean water.

Use a garden hose or ahigh pressure cleanerRinse your tires as thoroughly as possible with water only. After the large pieces of debris are loosened, target smaller nooks and crannies of the tire to remove the dirt and soil stuck in between.

Get a stiff bristle brush. We recommend using a brush with slightly stiff but plastic bristles as a brush with metal teeth can puncture the tire and cause air leaks. You need the brush to loosen smaller dirt particles. Pour soapy water directly onto the tire or dip your brush in the bucket. The soap will help you remove stuck, encrusted dirt and debris.

Rinse the tires with clear water to remove any dirt.

Be sure to let your tires dry completely before applying any tire shine product. If you don't have time to wait, use a clean towel or absorbent brush to pat the tire dry. Do not use a hair dryer as this will make the tires hot. You should never use Tire Shine on warm or hot tires.

3. Apply shine

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (20)Once you have clean, dry, and cool tires, you can apply gloss. We'll give you a high-level overview of the process, but you should always follow the specific instructions your product's manufacturer provides with the letter.

3.1. Gel tire shine and applicator

If you have gel tire shine, you should get your applicator. You can get a professional foam applicator or just use a kitchen sponge. It might not do as good a job or last as many uses, but it should be good enough. Try to find a firm, dense sponge for best results. Put on latex gloves, especially if using a solvent-based product.

When pouring the product, use a small dollop instead of a lot of product. It's easier to work with a smaller area at this point and you don't want the product to soil your wheel and floor. Also, you will get better results if you apply several thin coats instead of one thick coat.

Once you have some of the gel product on your applicator, work it into the hoop. There's no right or wrong technique - you can use swirling or zigzag motions, whichever feels more comfortable. If you are working on a smaller area, say a quarter of the area, don't try to cover the entire tire at once.

Now you'll have to wait a bit before putting the finishing touches and wiping off the excess. Your product's label will likely tell you the exact time, but you should usually wait up to 20 minutes for the product to set.

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3.2. Spray tire shine

If you use tire shine spray, the application is very simple. Essentially you have two options.

You can use a clean rag, spray some product on it and apply the product to the tire.

Alternatively, you can also spray directly onto the tire. Try to make your application as even as possible over the entire tire. This is much easier to do with an aerosol than with a standard spray bottle.

The instructions on your product will give you the exact numbers, but in any case you will need to leave the product on for a while. Usually you should wait between 10 and 20 minutes.

4. Wipe off excess

When the wait is over, you should get a clean rag or sponge and wipe down the tires. This is done to remove excess product - the bits that don't dry. You don't have to apply a lot of pressure; You just have to go slightly over the area of ​​the hoop. This step is important because dirt, brake dust, and grime easily cling to the excess product.

How do you make homemade tires shine?

You can also make a pretty effective hoop from the ingredients you have at home. This mix is ​​a great solution if you just want to add a little shine to your tires, but it's not a good substitute for professionally formulated products. The professional solutions come with optimized formulas to provide optimal UV and ozone protection, condition the tire and give it some shine.

Aside from that, you can take 1/3 cup of water, two or three drops of dish soap, and 1 cup of any oil like baby oil or cooking oils like castor or olive oil. This concoction should be effective enough to restore the shine to your tires that they naturally lose over time.

FAQ about tire shine

1. Is there a difference between tire shine and tire dressing?

No. Tire polish and tire dressings, along with tire conditioners or simply tire fluid, are all different names for the same type of product. There are no functional differences between these. However, there is a tendency to use the term tire care for those focused on protection, while tire shine tends to be used for the liquids made primarily for shine. We do not make such a distinction on our website.

2. Can tire shine damage my tires?

It's possible, but unlikely, that tire shine will damage your tires. This is especially true for solvent based tire shines, especially those containing petroleum distillates. This shine is slightly abrasive to the tires and over time you can damage the rubber if you overuse this type of shine. But even this shine will not damage your tires if you follow the manufacturer's instructions and instructions.

3. How can I remove tire shine from car paint?

Sometimes tire shine just gets on the rims of our cars. The most important thing to remember is not to panic - you can clean the stain but don't rub it with anything as you could damage the paint. The best approach is to mix some car wash soap with water in a spray bottle, spray onto the affected surface and rub the stain with a clay bar. Apply light pressure and continue to lubricate the area while it dries. Once you've removed the stain, rinse your car with water, let it dry and apply a protective car paint sealer or wax.

4. How can I take care of my tanning rings?

When you notice your tires losing their black color and especially when they turn brown, the flowering process has begun. It is important to clean the affected area and protect your tires with a tire shine to prevent further damage and prolong the life of your tires.

You can use a mixture of water and car wash or even dish soap to clean the area. Use a medium or hard bristle brush to remove the brown layer. Don't be too rough on the tire as you don't want to damage it - removing its protective layers won't help. It's better to spend a little more time brushing lightly than making matters worse by being too harsh with the rubber. Rinse the tire, let it dry, and then apply Tire Shine. Tire Gloss with UV and Ozone Protection should be used after your tires have started blooming.

Wrap up

It's so satisfying to fix up your car. But no detailing work will be done if your tires look dirty, brown, or dull. That's why you should find and use thembest tire shinefor your tires whenever you get your car detailed. This line of products not only keeps your car looking fantastic all over, but also takes care of the tires and protects them from the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays and ozone in the air.

We hope our unbiasedtire shine ratingshas helped you to find an ideal product that suits all your needs. We hope you found everything you wanted to know in our buying guide. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to send us a message and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

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The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (29)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (30)

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (31)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (32)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (33)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (34)

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (35)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (36)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (37)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (38)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (39)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (40)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (41)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (42)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (43)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (44)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (45)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (46)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (47)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (48)

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (49)

The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (50)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (51)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (52)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (53)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (54)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (55)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (56)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (57)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (58)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (59)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (60)The 7 Best Tire Shines - (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) (61)


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