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Tired of insects ruining your outdoor fun? Buzzing, biting insects can momentarily stop a family cookout and cause guests to duck for cover. An insect trap is an energy-efficient way to keep nearby insect populations in check. Leave it running when mosquito season is in full swing and you can prevent these flying biters from repopulating your yard. Insect traps can even be used indoors to trap other insect pests such as insectsfruit fliesand mosquitoes.

DynaTrap brand insect traps use a three-way system to coax and trap insects so you and your family can enjoy summer days and nights.

The BestReviews team scoured the variety of DynaTrap products available to create this in-depth guide. We cover everything there is to know about the company's insect traps and explain the benefits of this pest control product. When you're ready to buy, check out our recommended products in the table above and enjoy even more flawless BBQs.

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Avoid placing your DynaTrap product too close to your outdoor seating area. The trap could attract bugs that can then feed on you. Check the user manual to make sure you position your device correctly.

Types of insect traps

There are different types of mechanisms used byinsect trapManufacturers to attract and eventually kill pests such as mosquitoes. DynaTrap brand traps use all three of the most common baits.

  • Licht:UV light is often the first thing that attracts insects into traps.

  • Carbon Dioxide:This is a commonly used lure for mosquitoes. Many products require the use of a propane tank to emit CO2.

  • Vacuum blower:Fans trap nearby insects with suction, leaving them with no escape.

We spent 68 hours researching 10 Dynatrap insect traps while consulting with over 100 consumers to choose our top 5 favorites.


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Why use DynaTrap insect traps?

DynaTrap insect traps are versatile and effective.

  • UV lighting to attract insects

  • CO2 emission through unique finish to attract mosquitoes

  • Vacuum fan mechanism for catching nearby insects

  • No chemicals or toxins

  • Quiet

  • Very easy to set up and use

  • Indoor or outdoor use

  • Cover large and small areas

DynaTrap insect trap features to consider

As you browse the DynaTrap range for your new insect trap, keep the following in mind.

Outside or inside

Most devices can be used outdoors or indoors, although outdoor use is much more common.

  • OutsideTraps feature all-weather construction and a wide range of coverage options, up to an acre (43,560 square feet).
  • WithinTraps are not weatherproof. These provide protection for smaller areas (usually a few hundred square meters). Indoor models are recommended for use in garages, covered porches, and screened rooms and feature the same three-way design as most outdoor units. DynaTrap makes two types of indoor models.
    • Designed primarily for catching flies or other flying insects, Flylight features UV light and a replaceable StickyTech flypaper.
    • DynaTrap makes compact indoor versions of its outdoor traps to cover between 300 and 1,300 square feet.


DynaTrap insect traps can provide protection for anywhere from a few hundred square feet to an acre. Keep in mind that a trap that reaches too far can actually have the opposite effect, attracting insects to your yard or yardTerrace, so choose the right cover for your needs.

Hanging or standing

The DynaTrap product line includes hanging and pole mounted models. Many hanging models can also be wall mounted. Freestanding units are perfect for outdoor spaces with no walls to stand or hang. Be sure to follow DynaTrap's positioning recommendations to ensure maximum efficiency.


DynaTrap units are available in multiple finishes, from rustic antique copper to sleek stainless steel. The surface of most DynaTrap devices produces CO2, which attracts mosquitoes. Without the need for a propane tank, the traps are easier and cheaper to maintain than other types of insect traps. The variety of colors and styles makes it easy for homeowners to find a trap that matches the look of their outdoor or indoor space.

"Don't forget to clean your insect trap. Regular draining and cleaning will extend the life of the product.”


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Many insect traps use light to attract insects. DynaTrap models have different lamp options that work the same way but have different lifespans. Most bulbs are interchangeable.

  • UV (3,000 hours); Some wall mounted indoor units have two UV lamps.
  • Non-replaceable UV lamp (20,000 hours)
  • UV LED lamp (40,000 hours)

Additional protection

DynaTrap's three-way protection is great for attracting and killing the insects in your garden, but the company also offers traps with additional bait for increased effectiveness.

  • ATRAKTA Pods are non-toxic pods that release scents that attract insects. Some DynaTrap models ship with these pods.
  • Other traps also include a special water bowl that attracts bugs like mosquitoes.

energy source

All DynaTrap traps have power cords ranging from 4 to 10 feet and require an outlet for power. (Indoor models generally have shorter cords.) Most DynaTrap units are low wattage, energy efficient, and cost very little to run.


These devices trap insects that eventually die in the sealed chamber. You must regularly empty the dead insects. Most DynaTrap models can be untwisted while the bugs remain trapped, so the live bugs cannot escape while you clean the unit. All DynaTrap models come with a cleaning brush to simplify the process.

The 5 Best DynaTrap Bug Traps - February 2023 - BestReviews (5) The 5 Best DynaTrap Bug Traps - February 2023 - BestReviews (6)

Did you know?

You can save money on propane refills because DynaTrap insect traps do not require a tank to emit carbon dioxide.


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DynaTrap insect trap prices

You can count on the paymentbetween $24 and $214for a DynaTrap insect trap, depending on the model and equipment.

budget friendly

DynaTrap models, ranging from $24 to $100, include the Flylight series and compact indoor models. Models in this price range tend to have cheaper construction and less coverage capacity.

middle class

You can find models ranging from $100 to $180 with coverage up to 3/4 acre. Traps in this price range include larger outdoor units and indoor wall-mounted models.


For $180 and up, DynaTrap's premium line includes options that provide an acre of outdoor protection. Traps at this price also include larger cages to catch more insects at once and clean less frequently.

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A trap is an effective way to control insect populations, but you can also help reduce insect numbers by eliminating potential breeding grounds like stagnant water, which mosquitoes love.


Q. What is the advantage of an insect trap over an insect killer?

A.Insect traps like DynaTrap's are more effective than zappers at catching and killing mosquitoes because they use carbon dioxide in addition to light to attract insects. Insect killers often kill beneficial insects like bees, while traps are less likely to do so. Insect traps are also safer, more energy efficient and quieter than zappers.

Q. Are insect traps safe to use?

A.Yes. Insect traps like DynaTrap's do not release harmful toxins and do not use electrical current to kill insects. It's ok to use them indoors or outdoors.

Q. Can I leave my bug trap on or should I turn it off when I'm not outdoors?

A.DynaTrap insect traps are designed to operate 24/7. When bug season comes, simply plug in your device and turn it on to protect yourself from mosquitoes, wasps and other insects. DynaTrap products are designed to run all season - they use relatively little energy and don't cost much to run.

Q. Where should I place my DynaTrap insect trap for the most effective results?

A.Dynatrap recommends hanging, mounting, or placing your trap between 3 and 6 feet off the ground and 20 to 40 feet from where you will be cooking or sitting outside. It can be placed anywhere, but if you place it too close to your living area you may be more likely to attract insects than the trap.


Which is the best DynaTrap? ›

Our favorite is the DynaTrap XL One-Acre Insect Trap, which protects you from an entire acre's worth of potential pests. Its effectiveness increases the longer it's used. DynaTrap models use a combination of three pesticide-free methods to attract and kill insects: Light: The primary way to attract insects.

Does the DynaTrap really work? ›

In summary, a Dynatrap is an effective, safe, easy-to-use, and quiet product to consider for mosquito control. The product uses two attractants, UV light, and most importantly CO2 emissions to lure in mosquitoes and gnats to be sucked down by a quiet fan into a holding cage.

What is the difference between DynaTrap XL and XLP? ›

There are some cosmetic differences and design changes between the XL and XLP. The way the damp flaps attach, the type of bulb guards used, for examples. The XLP is available in other colors where the XL is just black. Both are current models though and are just as effective.

What are the reviews on DynaTrap? ›

Reviews: “One of the bulbs quit working in a week, but I replaced it and they've lasted about two months now. The container always has a fair amount of bugs, though mostly other things rather than mosquitoes.” “This is much less annoying and intrusive than a bug zapper.

What is the difference between DynaTrap and DynaTrap XL? ›

How is the DT2000XL different from other DynaTrap® models? The DT2000XL is the largest model DynaTrap® offers. This model provides up to 1 acre of coverage, uses brighter bulbs, and operates with a more powerful fan to enhance the trapping power it can produce.

Why does DynaTrap have to be 20 feet away? ›

Since these traps are designed to attract as many mosquitoes and insects as possible, the last thing you want to do is be near one when it's operating. Place each trap at least 20-40 feet away from where people will be gathered. Also, place it away from competing light sources, so the attractant bulb can do its work.


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