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What are the best Bemis toilet seats?

Bemis-Toilettensitzeare among the best toilet seats on the market. That's not surprising, however, as Bemis is the largest manufacturer of toilet seats and has spent decades perfecting the art of making great seats.

Bemi's toilet seats are manufactured in Wisconsin, USA. You can therefore rest assured that they are manufactured to the highest industrial standards while preserving jobs in America.

You willReplace your toilet seatmore times than you will replace the toilet yourself, no matter how well made the seat. This is because seats are always in an up and down motion which causes wear and tear unlike the toilet which is always fixed in one position.

Bemi's toilet seats, like all other toilet seats, are made of plastic or wood. Although these materials can be treated to make them strong, over time they will break, necessitating replacement.

Having said that, I have to say that some toilet seats are more comfortable than others and also last longer. For this reason, you shouldn't always go for the cheapest brands.

Bemis toilet seats are some of the best seats and in this article I will review some of the best Bemis toilet seats to help you make an informed choice.

There is not much to write about toilet seats so I will keep this review as short as possible to save your time and mine. Let's get into that.

The 7 best toilet seats from Bemis are:

1. Bemis 1500TTT 000 Toilettensitz

7 of the Best Bemis Toilet Seats - Comfortable and Durable - Toilet paradise (1)

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Bemis 1500TTT 000 is our top of the line Bemis toilet seat. It is available for both oblong and round toilet bowls. You can choose from the colors white, Venetian pink, Dresden blue, almond, bisque, ice grey, cotton white, silverado, deer beige, linen and beige.

This is a top mounted toilet seat. This means you don't have to get down on your knees to tighten a wing nut on the bottom of the bowl during installation. The fasteners are designed so you can attach and tighten the seat from the top of the bowl.

You've probably seen those toilet seats that either protrude far beyond the rim of the bowl or appear shorter than the bowl. And some that just look offset. This toilet seat is designed so that you can easily adjust it for a perfect fit.

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Bemis toilet seats use the Sta-Tite mounting system that prevents the seats from shifting or loosening. This is a great innovation as most seat hinges break as a result of the fasteners loosening. Once you install this seat, you don't need to re-tighten it.

The Bemis 1500TTT 000 toilet seat is made from molded wood and comes with a 1 year warranty.

2. Bemis 1500EC 000 Toilettensitz

7 of the Best Bemis Toilet Seats - Comfortable and Durable - Toilet paradise (2)

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The Bemis 1500EC 000 is one of Bemis' most popular toilet seats. It's also bemis' best budget-friendly toilet seat, but still a high-quality seat. This seat is made of enamelled wood.

It fits perfectly on all oblong toilets, including big brands like Kohler, Toto and American Standard. This particular toilet seat is available in white.

Bemis has made it easy to remove and install this toilet seat. It is therefore fairly quick and easy to clean the toilet seat and the entire toilet bowl and then quickly reinstall the seat.

If you are on a tight budget and looking for an affordable Bemis toilet seat, then this is the right choice. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

3. Bemis 790TDGSL 000 Toilettensitz

7 of the Best Bemis Toilet Seats - Comfortable and Durable - Toilet paradise (3)

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The Bemis 790TDGSL 000 is a heavy duty slow closing toilet seat. It is available for both oblong and round toilet bowls and is compatible with all toilet brands including Toto, Kohler and American Standard.

If, like me, you are irritated by the sound of a toilet seat hitting the bowl, then this is the toilet seat for you. Both the seat and the lid close slowly. Once you are done with your business, just give the seat or lid a light tap and it will slowly close.

The slow close function is very convenient and offers a little privacy. It's a little embarrassing to keep announcing to everyone that you're in the bathroom because of the popping noise seats make. Aside from that, it also helps the seat last longer. Constantly banging the seat on the bowl weakens both the seat and the mounting hardware.

The screws of this toilet seat are made of stainless steel. This prevents them from corroding and also gives the seat significantly more stability. The Sta-Tite mounting system also makes this toilet sturdy so it won't slip.

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The toilet seat is made of plastic. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

4. Bemis 7800TDG 000 Toilettensitz

7 of the Best Bemis Toilet Seats - Comfortable and Durable - Toilet paradise (4)

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The Bemis 7800TDG 000 is a fairly comfortable toilet seat. Those who have used it speak of it. Bemis actually markets it as a heavy-duty commercial toilet seat, but there's absolutely nothing stopping you from buying one for your home.

We all know that commercial toilet seats have a gap in the front, but this one has a closed front so you can conveniently install and use it in your home toilet. It is made of molded solid plastic. These seats are only suitable for oblong toilet seats and are compatible with all major toilet brands.

Installing this seat is a breeze. The Sta-Tite fastening system installs in a snap. So you don't have to worry about your toilet bowl breaking when tightening the seat screws. You also never have to readjust your seat as it never wobbles.

Unfortunately, this seat is only available in white. If you want a different color, you're out of luck. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

5. Bemis H1900NL 000 Heated Toilet Seat with Night Light

7 of the Best Bemis Toilet Seats - Comfortable and Durable - Toilet paradise (5)

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If you are looking for a little bit of comfort then this is the toilet seat for you. And it's available for both oblong and round toilet seats in white and linen.

Sitting on a cold toilet seat on a cold morning or in winter is a horrifying experience. That's why Bemis developed this heated toilet seat. It has 3 temperature settings to choose from where you can easily set it and forget it so you don't have to set it every time.

Another amazing feature of this toilet seat is the night light. Sometimes at night you feel the urge to go to the toilet and most of the time you have no choice but to turn on the bright bathroom light. There is no better way to lose sleep.

The night light function in this seat has a blue light to illuminate the bowl and the entire bathroom, allowing you to conveniently use the toilet without turning on the light.

This toilet seat has the slow close feature, which also means you don't have to put up with a slamming seat again. It's also a very sturdy seat that doesn't move sideways when in use.

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I know you can say that this toilet costs more than other ordinary seats. With all the nice features it comes with, it's not hard to see why you'd have to pay more for it. You must also have an outlet near the toilet. If you don't already have one, additional costs will apply.

This seat has a 1 year guarantee.

6. Bemis 800EC 000 Toilettensitz

7 of the Best Bemis Toilet Seats - Comfortable and Durable - Toilet paradise (6)

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Bemis is known for making quality wooden toilet seats, but they also make great plastic seats. This is one of the best and it's also very cheap.

Most people are unsure which toilet seat to buy, especially when you are replacing an old wooden seat with a plastic one. As we all know, wood is quite hard and can comfortably bear most people's weight, but the same cannot always be said of plastic.

However, this toilet seat is pretty solid and holds up pretty well. It will not stain or fade even after years of use. It is available in white, linen and bone for both oblong and round toilets.

As with most Bemis toilet seats, installing this seat is super easy. The quick release mechanism makes it so easy to remove and replace during cleaning. It's compatible with major toilet brands, but make sure you buy one that matches your toilet bowl size.

7. Bemis 1200SLOWT 160 Toilettensitz

7 of the Best Bemis Toilet Seats - Comfortable and Durable - Toilet paradise (7)

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This is another great toilet seat from Bemis. It's available in 40 colors, most of which are just shades of popular colors. If you need a contrast between your toilet color and that of your toilet seat, you should check out this seat. You could also buy a matching one.

It fits perfectly on oblong toilets of all toilet manufacturers. Just like other Bemis toilet seats, it uses the Sta-Tite mounting system, which makes it really strong and you don't have to constantly adjust it.

The slow close feature is also an added benefit. Although some people have reported that this feature is broken after a few years of use, I can't categorically say if it applies to all seats or just sporadically.

When purchasing this seat, I suggest that you take the time to carefully select the color you require. It's easy to get confused, especially when you have to choose between 40 colors.

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Other than that, this is a beautiful toilet seat and the molded colors will not chip, wear or fade. It has a one year guarantee.

Bemis toilet seat buying guide

So how do you know which Bemis toilet seat to buy? While all of the seats we've reviewed in this post are pretty decent, there's still one that works better for you than the others. Let's then look at the factors to consider before purchasing a toilet seat.

1. Cost

If cost were no object, everyone would choose the most expensive seat. Sadly, most of us have varying levels of purchasing power, so we have to settle for what we can comfortably buy. I made sure to include the best value seat in this review to accommodate those who just need a nice but affordable seat.

2. Shape of the toilet bowl

There are different toilet bowl shapes, but in the United States there are round and oblong toilet bowls. Oblong toilet bowls are oval in shape, while round toilet bowls are circular. On average, the length of an oblong bowl is 18.5 inches, while that of a round toilet is 16.5 inches.

It's fairly easy to tell an oblong toilet from a round toilet just by looking at them. However, if you are unsure, you can measure a toilet seat here:

  • To measure for a toilet seat, you are actually measuring the bowl in which you will be installing the new seat.
  • Using a tape measure, measure the distance from the center of the 2 seat mounting holes to the front of the bowl rim, keeping the tape measure as central to the bowl as possible.
  • If the measurement is about 18.5 inches, order an extended seat. If it is 16.5 inches, order a round toilet seat.
7 of the Best Bemis Toilet Seats - Comfortable and Durable - Toilet paradise (8)

If you want to learn more about measuring toilet seats, check this outthis post.

3. Wooden vs. Plastic Toilet Seats

Bemi's toilet seats are made of either enamelled wood or plastic. Each of the two materials has its advantages and disadvantages. Wooden toilet seats are warmer than plastic seats, while plastic seats last longer than wooden seats.

I wrote a whole article about wooden and plastic toilet seats and their pros and cons. If you want to read more about it, check it outHere.

4. Color

Bemi's toilet seats come in a wide variety of colors. Most people prefer a white toilet, but they don't mind having a different color for the seat. Because you can use the seat color to match other bathroom furnishings, adding a bit of color to your bathroom and breaking the white monotony.

Of course you can also choose a white color to match your toilet. Whatever decision you make, take the time to choose your preferred seat color.

How to install a Bemis toilet seat

Installing a Bemis toilet seat is really easy and I really see no reason why you should pay a plumber to do it. It wouldn't even take you 15 minutes. What might take longer is removing your old toilet seat.

To help you with this I wrote a post on how to replace a toilet seat which I believe will help you with removing your old seat. ListenHere.

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I would have typed the whole procedure but I'll leave this video here because it's very well illustrated.


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